Saturday, August 22, 2009

Episode 62 is up

A guest! That's right, the 10th Musers are joined by Ryan Hall, Art Director at Oasys Mobile, joins us to talk Art, Games and how he manages the fast paced world of mobile development.


  1. Hey gang,

    I listened to a few of your podcasts today so this might be the wrong episode post but I wanted to say I think you were too hard on the new Batman game. I agree somewhat that some of the character designs like Harley Quinn and beefcake Batman (though Frank Miller's Batman was a brick shithouse) are a little too gothy but the rest of the complaints seemed to be because the game looks like UE3. Dark and gritty is done to death for sure but we are talking about an insane asylum in Gotham City and we all know the unwashed masses aren't cool enough to buy millions of copies of a game that looks more like the animated series.

    Rocksteady, as I understand is a team of less then 60 devs who made a AAA game in a normal length production cycle that people are going nuts about because it's so awesome. Which means they're kicking the ass of most companies and games right now. They just seem to have diverted their limited resources towards other things then re-writing the UE3 renderer. For an otherwise excellent game (by all accounts; I still haven't played it), I think this is pretty forgivable.

    I'm not saying it deserves a 95%; I haven't played yet so I have no personal opinion beyond word of mouth. But I think your reasons why it isn't worthy of that score are kind of weak if the rest of the game is as great as they say.

  2. It's tough love. I'm still hard on the lighting and shading, but as a game, I'm loving it. It's been a while since I've played something for 3 hours straight only to want to play for 3 more. Scarecrow ftw.