Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Episode 61 is up

The 10th Muse is alive! Returning with a gargantuan episode discussing Patrick's favorite CEO, Mike's definition of a AAA game and Stephan's credit on Fat Princess.

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  1. Oh noes! I have to chime in again (I am doing serious, headphones-on animation again for the first time in a while so it's podcastapalooza for me).

    I take a huge issue with the notion that crunch=quality. I don't at all disagree that the 90% studios crunch to get shit done *right*. But the 50, 60 and 70% studios often crunch just as much if not more to get any shit (in a more literal sense) done at all. It still comes down to production to make sure that schedules are realistic enough and to reign in feature creep so that crunch is about polish and refinement and not just completing what should've been done in the regular work week.

    Mike, I LOVE the idea of metacritic scores for reviewers.