Thursday, September 2, 2010

Episode 88 is up!

A new D-Pad for the 360! Arkham City first screenshots, first impressions. Do all games fit in a genre?


  1. The file on iTunes appears to be the same as ep 87

  2. Publisher error, looks like I missed a field on the update. Fixed now, you might need to unsubscribe and resub to get it to work. Or just click the link to the right and get the episode directly from the website. We're planning to do a design jam next episode, ran out of time during #88.

  3. Hey Patrick, Mike and Stephan. I am a former service member and I also agree with that nonsense that is AAFES and Gamestops on base will not carry the new Medal of Honor game. But I know that your "freedom" as a service member is controlled. Some General somewhere makes a decision to not support something veto's it. For service members deployed it would be impossible to buy any new games anyway so most likely the family members of these service members would have to send it to them.

    To be honest though when I deployed I didn't really play video games. Instead I read a lot of books. But I deployed in '04 so I have no idea deployment is like now.

  4. cool
    i like this cast.
    i dunno how i stumbled upon it...
    dA maybe...
    anyway it's good.

  5. Thanks guys!

    MOFTL: Thanks for giving your perspective on this, man.