Friday, May 21, 2010

Episode 82 is up!

Bryan Pearson joins the 10th Musers to discuss Open World Design in the "Alan Wake" of Red Dead Redemption's release and colossal metacritic reception. Plus, we comment on the 10th Muse Around the World answers to "Have you ever be scared enough while playing a game that it carried into real life?"

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  1. I won't comment on your critiques of the writing or scariness since that's completely subjective. But a few things I feel Patrick is missing about Alan Wake:

    1)Running away is a totally valid tactic. I think the game makes this mostly clear that it;s an option but admittedly, gamers have been conditioned for decades that the only way to win combat is to decimate the enemy. This is seldom the case here.
    2)When out of ammo and waiting for your battery to recharge, DODGE! If you're dying 90% of the time when out of bullets and batteries, I guarantee it's because you're not dodging. You can play through most of the game without shooting; you HAVE to dodge!
    3)The flashlight still erodes the "shadow shields" even when not "boosting" with the left trigger. More slowly of course, but it helps, especially if you're out of batteries.