Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Episode 84 is up!

Friend of the podcast and host of his own podcast, The Reanimators' Ryan Duffin, joins us for some 3D talk, a little more Alan Wake, Mike's discovery of Red Dead Redemption and SP vs. Co-Op vs. MP: What's the most important gameplay option?

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  1. Totally with you Mike about being tired of Multiplayer. After trying out Red Dead's multiplayer and hating it, I was relieved that I didn't have to commit anymore time to it. The single player is able to take up my time more than well enough.

    My biggest beef with online MP is that it all just comes down to people looking for an exploit and then doing just that... aud naseum. Where is the best place to camp, what is the best weapon combo, where is the geometry/collision wonky so that I can use that to my advantage? It takes all the fun out of it because every game boils down to those same elements every time, and if you try to deviate from that, you get punished.