Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Episode 55 is up

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation, which he subsequently extended to include his observations of humans' innate curiosity.

Maslow's Pyramid

In a brown bag lunchtime episode, Isaac Epp joins the 10th Musers to apply Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to games and game development.


  1. In regards to Episode #54 (why isn't there a comment majobber for THAT one, huh? HUH?!)

    It's always good to listen to the 10casts. I enjoy hearing you guys chat, even if it veers from video game design or even the play of specific games. It's interesting to hear you all talk about the lack of play and the different activities you've taken up owing to the lag in good titles and/or interest in anything you've got currently. I think partly we get a little spoilt when time's are plentiful and we suck games up like they're a free slurpee and we're 10 years old. Also, when decent titles are pouring out a) we tend to become more critical of what we play and b) good titles, not amazing ones, but good ones get passed over without a second glance.

    Having set up this kind of gaming diet, when the meager times come, it's tough to go back through something you've already played and decided was good, or okay or even something that was spectacular if it's too much of an investment. What we've trained ourselves to do is sprint through titles, play the excellent ones to completion and then move on. This could also say something about the replay value of many of the games out these days.

    Anyway, that's what it's been like for me in the past. But now that I don't really play anymore, I find that I, too, am finding more and more "real life" activities to participate in. It's so funny...if current me went back in time and told pre-college me that there was more to life than videogames and that there were "real life" activities that were equally and sometimes more fulfilling, I would've become...I hate to say it...offended.

    I've used the argument before about real life and videogames and how they're like a story blah blah blah, but the truth is: I could've spent tonight playing a gaming console but instead I'm making a muppet. From scratch. A real, honest-to-God, felt, foam and fleece muppet using instructions I found on the intarwebs.

    And yes, I may be high from the contact adhesive glue fumes. I'm just happy to know that I'm not as much of a traitor to the gaming world as I've silently and guiltily suspected for some time. Or maybe we're all traitors. But that's okay. I'll be walking the plank with a muppet I can show to my tiny tiny Korean kindergarteners tomorrow.

    Gonna download #55 now.