Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Episode 48 has arrived!

After 3 recordings and a week of deadlines at the office, we finally completed Episode 48! I'm now working on all kinds of contingency plans to prevent any episode taking this much work to process. My goal is to now get episodes up the night of recording. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Oh man...I hate to geek out but...these are really good. I enjoy hearing your perspectives and agreeing or disagreeing with y'all as it goes along. The multiple endings thing seems like...well it's for advanced players who've played through the game once and beat it. It's to enhance replay, not to really posit different realities or foreshadow the next installment. I think of them as easter eggs for those who've made it through once already. You must admit that a lot of mileage is gotten out of those games by those of us who want to go through and scrape the sides of the screen for minute details we may have left uncovered. I'm not one of those gamers, but I will admit to occasionally going online and checking to see if there's stuff I've missed that may have enhanced my enjoyment of a game. /twocents

    Anyhoo...well done. Worth the wait.

  2. Geoffwah, that's a take that none of us really championed-- the whole replay-ability thing. I'm like you in that I usually don't replay a game at all (and I damn sure wouldn't replay one just to get a new ending), but maybe others do. Interesting food for thought.

  3. I think that mentality comes from a game that people can really get obsessed with. Nowadays people don't seem to get obsessively attached to the story driven part of a game. They focus more on the Multiplayer aspects.

    We should bring up Geoff's point next time.